Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beware Governor Kasich bearing gifts!

     In mythology, during the Trojan war, ancient Rome was celebrating the retreat of the Greek army.  In their haste to withdraw,  they had left statues bearing the likeness of Trojan horses, which the Romans accepted as gifts. Believing in the spoils of war, they were now rightfully theirs,  and they moved them inside the walls of the city and began to celebrate their apparent success. Unbeknownst to them, inside the statues were members of the Greek army who then attacked and destroyed the Roman army. That is a lesson that is played over and over again throughout history. "Beware Greeks bearing gifts"
     With that as a backdrop, it is becoming increasingly likely that a similar situation occurred in Columbus during this current budgetary debate. Sadly, if it turns out to be true, it will end up hurting societies must vulnerable and defenseless citizens.   
     Not long ago, Governor John Kasich was lauded with his ambitious plan to expand Medicaid  by 500 million dollars in this upcoming budget. Many people that I know in the mental health sector were ecstatic with the news that scarce dollars available for treatment were finally  going to be increased, and perhaps, the downward spiral of the entire system would be reversed. It was a proposal that would have restored dignity to groups of people who have been sick and down and out for many years, and at the same time, save lives. I personally knew families who were literally brought to tears of joy over this and all expressed enormous gratitude for this change. Well, almost everybody, as I thought of the old saying, beware of Greeks bearing gifts!
     Immediately, I became skeptical of the true intentions of this proposal, but hoped that I was wrong. However, based on the historical ignorance of the leaders of the Ohio Statehouse, I knew that another old saying could be valid. "If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is!" It did not last long for my skepticism to become a crystal clear prophecy.
     First off, lurking in Columbus like hungry piranha's, is Speaker of the House Bill Batchelder, State Senate  Leader Keith Faber and their personal cast of degenerates. These are groups of people who will rail against what they consider wasteful programs that help people, and at the same time, provide tax breaks for those that are wealthy, or in specific fraternal organizations. All seem to possess a hidden agenda to harm those who are not part of their hedonistic social network.
     Predictably, as the budget moves out of the House into the Senate, Batchelder pulled out his scalpel and took out that expansion, and then indulged himself with self praise. In a recent article,  he proclaimed, "Budget passed by (the) house is a step in the right direction." He is actually proud that along with proteges like State Representative Nan Baker of Westlake, they have metaphorically slit the throats of many people in desperate need of help. Even more disconcerting is that they seemed to find joy and satisfaction in this accomplishment. In reality, their past actions have damaged the lives of people being punished for just getting sick.
     I attempted to get a response from Speaker Batchelders office about his budget, and all I received was the usual, "we will get back to you", which has become his trademark response when the public demands clarity. It is becoming widespread agreement that transparency and integrity are not two of his strong  talking points. He mentioned in that same story that they are dealing with the results of poor budgetary decisions in the past. Revisionism aside, he neglects to mention that many of those decisions were made by him!
     I contacted Nan Baker's office with a question;  why she was more than willing to cut off funding to those most in need while allowing tax cuts that will enrich her family business? Like Batchelder, she hides behind a wall of secrecy and personal hatred of those deemed unworthy of her attention. However, I am convinced that the local Chamber of Commerce will award her another plaque of honor for her work providing its members with additional corporate welfare. With the next teenage suicide, she and Batchelder can also add another notch on their gun barrels.
     Which now brings us the Ohio Senate and awaiting the likes of State Senator Keith Faber. In a recent conversation, his staff member defended taking that expansion out of the budget. He said mental health funding "should be discussed outside the context of the state budget." He indicated that this discussion will take place at a later date. Hopefully, this will occur prior to the next resurrection, but I am not holding my breath, as these types of discussions rarely, if ever occur.
     Again, when the history of Faber is examined, an ominous trend unfolds, so there is not an massive deal of hope for anything positive. This is a person who once proposed placing violent sex offenders in mental hospitals. Somehow, he equates a woman with post-partum depression, with that of a child molester or a serial rapist. He is living proof that a keen intellect is not a requirement to hold public office.
     Now comes the difficult part, and that is, did Governor Kasich propose this plan, giving people hope, gaining an significant wealth of publicity, knowing that it stood little chance of getting past the hatchet wielded by Speaker Batchelder? To paraphrase a famous question, "What did the Governor know, and when did he know it?"
     The evidence, though little empirical, does cast doubt on Kasich's intentions. He has been close to Representative Batchelder for many years and knows his true motives. In fact, it was Mr. Batchelder who, many years ago, introduced me to John Kasich. With that in mind, and Nan Bakers hatred, whom Governor Kasich supported, it points to this bill being proposed strictly for positive press, rather than for anything worthwhile and genuine.  Once again, I do want to be proven wrong, but that does not appear to be a likely outcome.
     After several attempts, I did finally reach a subordinate of Governor Kasich. He defended the Governor wholeheartedly and said repeatedly that no one had worked harder and more openly on this issue than Mr. Kasich. He did not respond when I challenged him on their unequivocal support of Baker and Batchelder, who have become roadblocks to any significant positive expansion in the mental health field. Another old saying, "Show me whom you are with, and I will tell you who you are!"
      With this budget now in the Senate, it is still possible for that growth to be reinstated, but, after my conversation with Senator Faber's office, the chances of that are severely diminished. However, with an army of advocates still pushing forward, a possibility for some compromise is still on the table.
     It is essential to add that State Senator Shirley Smith, a Democrat out of Cleveland, has made a proposal to restore those cuts. I hope she succeeds, but in a Republican controlled house and Senate, she will be seriously outgunned. Also to her credit, she has done marvelous work with mental health issues in the past so I would not write her efforts off just yet.
     As far as Governor Kasich is concerned, let us now witness how many  resources he puts forward to convince the people he helped put in office that this program is needed. Let us see if he tells the likes of Nan Baker's that he will support her opposition if she continues to harm the ones that are in dire need of help. However, that is about as likely as a return call from Speaker Batchelders office.
     To formulate a possible epitaph on this proposal, I need to point out that one of the dynamics of those afflicted with mental illness is that it affects everyone connected with that person. It tears loved ones to shreds as they conduct a seemingly helpless campaign for treatment. So often, the resources needed have never been provided, and the families suffer an subsequent tragedy. One of the few things that sustains people dealing with a mentally ill loved one is hope. Many times that are all they have to bolsters their lives, and in time that can be dashed. If this proposal of Governor Kasich turns out to be nothing more than false hope, that is an unforgivable sin. However, with all the people mentioned in this article sleeping well at night knowing the damage they have done to people's lives, I am not sure any of them will sincerely care.
      Once again, I do hope Governor Kasich proves me wrong!


  1. It is no secret that about one out of five Americans suffer the indignities of having a mental illness, and I am one of those with that diagnosis.

    Wow... finally admitting that liberalism is a disease? Sounds like you have a very serious case of it. I'm sorry...

  2. Thank you for your misdiagnosis.
    The first time I voted was in 1976 in the republican Primary and it was for Reagan. In fact, eight years later I worked on his re-election campaign and am still a registered republican. Let you in on another secret, I liked George W. Bush.
    To your ridiculous statements, I advise you to heed the words of Mark Twian. "It is better to have people only think you are stupid, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

  3. Misdiagnosis? When I hear moonbat remarks about: " These are groups of people who will rail against what they consider wasteful programs that help people, and at the same time, provide tax breaks for those that are wealthy" or "...cut off funding to those most in need while allowing tax cuts that will enrich her family business? ", it sure sounds like another liberal whining... And I was a democrat from the first time I voted up to the Clinton years... so what's your point? You can claim to be a republican but your writing (at least in this post) proves otherwise.

    1. Moonbats? Name calling? Not worth responding.

  4. So you want to explain this whole "Beware Greeks bearing gifts" idea that you tried to push? Are you saying Kasish wanted to get a foot in Medicaid so he could get rid of it? I think what you really meant was Kasich was being a --- forget my politically incorrectness.... an Indian giver.

    Doesn't it make you look silly when Kasich came out and said that if it doesn't pass it should be put on the ballot?

    I'm oppossed to the Medicaid Expansion... Just more tax increases down the road I'm going to have to pay for....

    1. To begin with, I am questioning his motives and still do. I do not look silly as placing this issue on the ballot will be an initiative created by many mental health advocates across the state, and not the current members of the statehouse.

      Also, you are foolish to believe that do not already pay for this. Instead of getting help in an outpatient situation, people get help in the prison system which is much more expensive then what is being proposed. In essence, it will save you tax money. However, do not let facts stand in the way of cheap rhetoric.

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